Saturday, December 15, 2007

Remember the McCain

The NYT's sagacious Nagourney writes an entire story about the lack of enthusiasm for the Republican field. He chronicles the shortcomings of the trivial trio - Huck, Mitt, and Romney - but makes a serious omission by not even mentioning the candidacy of Sen. John McCain. McCain's being overlooked in the press. His money problems have caused the political reportage to write him off. Perhaps the Des Moines Register endorsement will give the Straight Talk Express a boost.


Friday, December 14, 2007


The holidays always make me nostalgic, sentimental, and long for the days in the Rose garden chasing Tricia's tennis ball. But while combing through the NYT's archive for story's about the days, I came across this slander. Bah humbug.

Mr. Nixon bought his 15-room home in Saddle River for $1 million three years ago, moving from a Manhattan town house he had purchased after twice being denied permission to buy Manhattan co-op apartments by boards that feared the possible disruptive effects that his celebrity might create.

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