Friday, April 07, 2006

Checkers Who?

My late great father, Richard Milhous Nixon, had a rather famous dog. Checkers was his name. He was a gift to Poppa while he was serving as Vice President in the Eisenhower administration. Checkers has gone down in history. See, Poppa referred to him in what could be called his first, great political comeback speech. Folks were down on Poppa. It appeared as though he'd taken a few extra dollars in campaign contributions. [Nothing even close what Joe Kennedy did to us in '60] Poppa went on TV, which wasn't too common for the Vice President, or anyone for that matter, to do at the time. He told everybody that he was a clean living, frugal man and he did nothing wrong. He told the world the one gift he took from donors was Checkers and he wasn't giving him back. I've loathed Checkers ever since.

I got the last laugh though. Checkers bit the bullet shortly after Poppa lost the 1962 California election. And after Poppa beat Humphrey in '68 and with Checkers buried out back in Yorba Linda, I made the trip to DC. So Checkers is famous, but I got live in the White House, fly on Air Force One, and piss on Kissinger's leg.

I'm King Timahoe - the only first dog ever to resign.


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