Friday, August 25, 2006

The wind is at our backs

Philpsburg, MT
A dingy town once known as home.

This blog has been inactive. KT and He/she have been busy and/or lazy. There should be a blog about lazy bloggers and the lack of updating on the prepondence of blogs cluttering cyberspace.

Things haven't been uneventful. Both contributors to this blog are relocating to more northern locales. One is moving from Omaha to Helena, MT where he'll satisfy his idealistic dreams of cleaning up American government. The other is moving from Raleigh to Ann Arbor, MI to attend graduate school where he'll fuel his delusions that work may someday become enjoyable and meaningful.

Along the way, they both may take a few photos and post them here. Someone once read this blog that was not directly related to the posters. They might enjoy the photos. Regardless, this blog will try to remove itself from the prodigious list of un-updated, content free, self-serving blogs in our cluttered cyberspace.

Meanwhile - an interesting site that's less guilty of cluttering cyberspace:

Cheers to pennant races, the impending fall weather, and the great American business built upon the backs of unpaid young gladiators - College Football.



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