Monday, February 25, 2008

Fidel would be proud.

60 minutes ran the story about former Democratic, Alabama Governor Don Siegleman, who now passes time mopping floors in the federal penitentiary. (Cliff Notes: he was convicted of taking a bribe and is serving eight years.) At least one former Republican political operative says Karl Rove took an active interest in taking down Siegleman. Another former Republican state Attorney General says the charges are trumped up. The lead attorney for the prosecution was married to the campaign manager of Siegleman's chief political rival. Freedom.

A backwater Alabama TV station even accidentally dropped the CBS feed and didn't show the Siegleman segment. See the NYT's coverage (which you should never take at face value) and the video here.

Further north, in a state that's vying for Alabama in terms of poverty and futility, federal prosecutors have set their sights on another Democrat, noted Michigan defense attorney Geoffery Fieger. The Feds have indicted Fieger on charges of illegal bundling of campaign contributions to John Edwards in 2004. Serious business there. Sending too much money to a son of a mill worker - juggernaut that won two primaries in five years of constant campaigning. Let's clean up politics starting there.

Fieger, meanwhile, has never taken anything sitting down. He's running TV ads comparing the government's interest in him to that of Nazi Germany's attack on the legal profession. See story here.

Fieger made his name defending Dr. Death.


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