Sunday, January 27, 2008

Billary Hates History, and Truth

NYT rocked some heavy research:

"But in the several weeks since, history books have been cracked, archives searched. And Americans have been reminded that President Johnson and Dr. King worked in tandem not only on the Civil Rights Act, but on the Voting Rights Act that came the next year. The following transcription is of an excerpt from a telephone call the president made to Dr. King on Jan. 15, 1965, two months before the Selma-to-Montgomery march, seven months before the Voting Rights Act was signed into law. The president made the call from his ranch in Johnson City, Tex. (and Dr. King was unaware of the taping). The two were discussing strategy before the president submitted his proposal to Congress."

DR. KING And it’s very interesting, Mr. President, to notice, that the only states that you didn’t carry in the South, five Southern states, have less than 40 percent of the Negroes registered to vote. Very interesting to note it. I think a professor in the University of Texas in a recent article brought this out very clearly. So it demonstrates that it’s so important to get Negroes registered to vote in large numbers in the South, and it would be this coalition of the Negro vote and the moderate white vote that will really make the new South.

PRESIDENT JOHNSON That’s exactly right. I think it’s very important that we not say we’re doing this and we’re not doing, just because it’s Negroes and whites, but we take the position that every person born in this country when he reaches a certain age that he have a right to vote, just like he has a right to fight, and that we just extend it to whether it’s a Negro, whether it’s a Mexican, or who it is.


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