Thursday, April 20, 2006

Frist is the man for the job

"A federal judge says North Carolina can substitute machines for doctors in lethal injections. Doctors say they can't ethically participate, but judges say they're needed to make sure drugs have rendered the prisoner unconscious so he doesn't feel pain. Prison officials propose to let doctors do the job from another room by watching a brain-wave monitor. The judge says this is good enough. Lawyers' complaints: 1) The state won't tell us who the doctors are, so we can't verify that they're up to the job. 2) "Are they prepared to step in if something starts going wrong?" 3) This is a perversion of the medical uses for which the monitor was sold."

Bill Frist should seize this opportunity and volunteer to be chief executioner. He can shore up his social conservative base by declaring prisoners fit to be killed. Fristie needs to harness the occasionally pro-life (pro death in instances of criminals with bad lawyers and unfortunate socio-economic backgrounds) zealots to lift him to the White House in 08.

He seems to have a knack for diagnosing things from afar - read Terry Schiavo.


Anonymous Buddy said...

Frist might have the solution to the healthcare crisis in America and to the shortage of doctors in some rural areas: diagnosis from afar. Who needs to see the doctor when you have a telephone and can call him? Or send videos through the mail.

Too bad Bill didn't call Frist when the car hit me. Maybe I'd be alive and barking today.

1:53 PM  

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