Friday, April 14, 2006

The King Spangled Pander

Of Freedom.

O say can you see,
All the hypocrisy,
For UAE’s request to manage a port.
Long Islands own Peter King says no in his retort,
He even got Hillary to come to his defense,
Despite any notion of common sense,
But when King is off to Belfast for a short stay,
He gets hammered with the IRA,
White people terrorism is ok by King,
With tears of frustration, Of Thee I see sing,

By He/She

this is from a Washington Post Piece, The Discreet Charm of the Terrorist Cause, written by Anne Applebaum. August 3, 2005

“The range of Americans who were unbothered by this sort of thing was surprisingly wide. Some were members of Congress, such as Republican Rep. Peter King of Long Island, who stayed with IRA supporters on visits to Northern Ireland and drank at a Belfast club called the Felons, whose members were all IRA ex-cons. Some were born in Ireland, such as Michael Flannery, Noraid's founder, who once said that "the more British soldiers sent home from Ulster in coffins, the better," and whose flattering obituary in 1995 described him as a man who "treated everyone he met with gentle respect." Some were Americans of Irish descent, such as Tom McBride, a businessman who is still the chairman of the Hartford chapter of Noraid, and who still refuses to condemn IRA terrorism. "I think they are protecting a segment of the population that needs to be protected," he told me over the phone.”


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