Thursday, April 27, 2006


"$100 rebate checks to millions of taxpayers, and a Democrat is leading the campaign for a 60-day gasoline tax holiday."

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Just as long as they dont make the gas holiday Thanksgiving, I was hoping to use the high gas prices as an excuse not to visit my family.

Timahoe is going to donate his rebate to the Tom Delay Legal Defense Fund. The Hammer has done so much to raise federal spending that its unfathomable that the Democrats would want him out.

I dont know why the Democrats are practicing the politics of personal destruction on this kind man from Sugarland.

"The Tom DeLay Legal Expense Trust was created to help Congressman Tom DeLay defend himself against frivolous charges filed against him. All funds collected will go to pay legal bills and other costs for matters that have been approved by the U.S. House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct."

My Favorite secretary II

King Timahoe chooses to honor Moscow Muskie on this secretaries day. I bet if Al Gore cried, he would have blamed it on acid rain/snow penetrating his retina or some kind of pollution gettin lodged in his Love Canal.

A story from one fateful day in Manchester that torpedoed a mans presidential dreams.

From the always truthy Wikipedia:

Before the 1972 election, he was viewed as the frontrunner, a moderate establishment candidate, for the Democratic Presidential nomination. The nation was at war in Vietnam and the Democratic Party set battle against President Nixon's conduct of the war.

But the grassroots Iowa caucuses made the early runnings more liberal and anti-war than Muskie's perceived positions, and Muskie's perhaps surprising political inexperience - having built up the Democratic Party in his home state, he had never been in a primary battle before, and his performance was criticized - began to show.

. . .

Many also blame Muskie's loss on his emotional defense of his wife, Jane Muskie, after the Manchester Union-Leader, a conservative newspaper, criticized Mrs. Muskie. Muskie seemingly wept as he spoke outside the newspaper's offices, yet he would later claim that what seemed to be tears were actually melted snowflakes. Had this not been a controversy, many question whether Muskie would have won the nomination and gone on to defeat President Nixon. McGovern would go on to win the nomination before losing the election in a landslide to Nixon. It is now widely believed that The Canuck Letter, a forged document, was responsible for Muskie's loss to McGovern.

Edmund Muskie was a Polish-American Democrat politician from Maine. He served as Governor of Maine, a U.S. Senator, as U.S. Secretary of State, and ran as a candidate for Vice President of the United States.

Always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.
- Richard Milhouse Nixon

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Favorite Secretary

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day:

Some love Rummy. Retired Generals and his mother hate him. I used to frequently relieve myself on Kissinger's leg. But Maddie, oh Maddie.

MA: "Companionship?

MA: I have lots of companionship. I am about to be 69 years old, and I have three daughters, three sons-in-law and six grandchildren. I am not looking to meet men. I also truly can't imagine who is out there who might be interested in someone like me. I'm intimidating, don't you think?

NYT: I wouldn't want to have to arm-wrestle you.

MA: I work out three times a week, and I can leg-press up to 400 pounds."

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Frist is the man for the job

"A federal judge says North Carolina can substitute machines for doctors in lethal injections. Doctors say they can't ethically participate, but judges say they're needed to make sure drugs have rendered the prisoner unconscious so he doesn't feel pain. Prison officials propose to let doctors do the job from another room by watching a brain-wave monitor. The judge says this is good enough. Lawyers' complaints: 1) The state won't tell us who the doctors are, so we can't verify that they're up to the job. 2) "Are they prepared to step in if something starts going wrong?" 3) This is a perversion of the medical uses for which the monitor was sold."

Bill Frist should seize this opportunity and volunteer to be chief executioner. He can shore up his social conservative base by declaring prisoners fit to be killed. Fristie needs to harness the occasionally pro-life (pro death in instances of criminals with bad lawyers and unfortunate socio-economic backgrounds) zealots to lift him to the White House in 08.

He seems to have a knack for diagnosing things from afar - read Terry Schiavo.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rudy Can Fail

"The AP reports on Ralph Reed's campaign announcing an upcoming fundraiser featuring Rudy Giuliani"

Rudy, you got in bed with Ralph Reed. A man who hates Ghandi (wrote a paper called: GANDHI: NINNY OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY in college), homosexuals (former henchman for Pat Robertson), and Native Americans (helped Abromoff swindle Indians).

You just failed the character test Rudy.

The Specials: A Message To You Rudy

Stop your messin' around
Better think of your future
Time you straightened right out
Creatin' problems in town
Rudy a message to you
Rudy a message to you
Stop your foolin' around
Time you straightened right out
Better think of your future
Or else you'll wind up in jail
Rudy a message to you
Rudy a message to you

By: he/she. Mcnamara's petting was always too heavy handed.

A Haiku for Scott M.

Bye Scott McClellan.
Enjoy life in Texas now,
No more Beltway lies.


My daddy Bubba says:

I still believe in a place called Hope, a place called America.

BILL CLINTON, speech at Democratic National Convention, August 29, 1996

Posted by: Buddy, the outed dog.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Georgia Gets Tough On Illegals

"Gov. Sonny Perdue signed a sweeping immigration bill on Monday that supporters and critics say gives Georgia some of the nation's toughest measures against illegal immigrants."

I imagine there are a bunch of unemployed Good 'Ole Boys in Georgia running out to get agricultural jobs that no longer can be filled by illegal immigrants.

What will a can of peaches filled with corn syrup cost now? The Peach State actually produces fewer peaches than California and South Carolina. They can't even be honest about that.

Friday, April 14, 2006

He makes me sick, what a prick

Mr. Taft, why oh why
have you given Ohio a "black eye"
by signing Senate Bill 9
so all job-seekers must fill out a line
revealing any terrorist ties.
Can a signature reveal truth from lies?
Or an ID on a bridge
protect us even a smidge?

First you gave us Bush once more
now you have us rolling on the floor.

At least Ohio has good football.
That you can't fuck up. No not at all.


The King Spangled Pander

Of Freedom.

O say can you see,
All the hypocrisy,
For UAE’s request to manage a port.
Long Islands own Peter King says no in his retort,
He even got Hillary to come to his defense,
Despite any notion of common sense,
But when King is off to Belfast for a short stay,
He gets hammered with the IRA,
White people terrorism is ok by King,
With tears of frustration, Of Thee I see sing,

By He/She

this is from a Washington Post Piece, The Discreet Charm of the Terrorist Cause, written by Anne Applebaum. August 3, 2005

“The range of Americans who were unbothered by this sort of thing was surprisingly wide. Some were members of Congress, such as Republican Rep. Peter King of Long Island, who stayed with IRA supporters on visits to Northern Ireland and drank at a Belfast club called the Felons, whose members were all IRA ex-cons. Some were born in Ireland, such as Michael Flannery, Noraid's founder, who once said that "the more British soldiers sent home from Ulster in coffins, the better," and whose flattering obituary in 1995 described him as a man who "treated everyone he met with gentle respect." Some were Americans of Irish descent, such as Tom McBride, a businessman who is still the chairman of the Hartford chapter of Noraid, and who still refuses to condemn IRA terrorism. "I think they are protecting a segment of the population that needs to be protected," he told me over the phone.”

Good old Rum-dinger

you bungler,
admit you fucked up and resign."
say five generals who used to suck up and kiss ass.

Submitted by: Buddy, First dog under Bill Clinton. Killed by either Secret Service agent or Kenneth Star

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A High Hard One

A high hard one, just like he threw to Joe Wilson.

King Cobra

"They tried to insult me, but a gnat cannot insult a king cobra,"

Ernie Chambers

The people of Nebraska created term limits to get this man out of the legislature. Ernie is a barber who always sports a cut off sweatshirt and lifts weights in his office during breaks. Ernie as great orator and skilled politician, the likes of which have not been seen in Nebraska since William Jennings Bryan.

I bet Ernie would agree with one of Poppa's quotes:

My concern today is not with the length of a person's hair but with his conduct.

Richard M. Nixon

You're only as good as your last pep rally

Back when Tricia was a cheerleader at St. Albans, she always said, "you're only as good as your last pep rally."

Pandering Poetry

Rep. Tom Tancredro (R-CO) to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)

Hey Tommy, what's that nasty scent?
Gee Johnny, I think it's an immigrant.
Ah hah, we should send them back.
I'll start writing a bill.
Before they start a terrorist attack.
Deportation is such a thrill!

Say Tommy, weren't your parents too from a foreign land?
Johnny, you're right, but that was decades past.
And these immigrants are of a brown brand.
We know a brown country can't last.

Assimilation Nation

This is from a LA Times Editorial today:

"It is a paranoid fantasy that Latino immigrants are any less patriotic than the Europeans who came here a century ago. One in 20 of those who currently serve in the U.S. armed forces are foreign-born. More than 20,000 U.S. soldiers have been naturalized since 9/11, and 75 achieved full legal status by dying for their country. But such is the political climate protesters are navigating."

Full Story

Daddy new a thing or two about paranoid fantasies.

I still dont think the Irish are patriotic after a hundred years of being in this country. It seems like every town in America is full of IRISH bars, not AMERICAN bars. Cant they assimilate already?

And what about the parades? Every year we have to endure parades glorifying the expulsion of snakes from that dreary island. If they have no snakes why did they come here?

The Irish came here and took our jobs, in fact, an Irishman stole a great job away from Daddy in 1960. Apperantly this fella didnt sweat anything under big fancy tv lights.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hank Hill Heroism

From Taegan Goddards Politcal Wire:

Quote of the Day

"I cut my own grass, yes, yes."

-- Sen. George Allen (R-VA), quoted by U.S. News and World Report, adding that he "uses a John Deere 155 lawn tractor on his acre while listening to NASCAR with earphones.


I am not sure Mr. Allen could be any more of a true American Patriot, perhaps if he had some kind of magnet that supported the troops on is lawnmower.

Special Guest: He/She, Lyndon Johnsons Dog

Poetry from Purgatory

oh dick, what a devious plan
if only i could have bombed iran
in cambodia i had to sneak
then of course there was a leak
the world realized what i had done
and the secret bombing was no longer fun


Tripping on Tobacco Road

Daddy went to Duke Law School back when Duke wasn't filled with east coast snobs. Daddy despised east coast snobs (aside from Kissinger, of course), partly because he couldn't get into to the Ivy League. He lived with a bit of an inferiority contest.

Anyhow, I think he would use his expert lawyering skills and put these boys in the slammer - DNA evidence or not. He would think there's a whole lot of smoke in Durham and the bungling Durham DA had better find the fire.

DNA clears players, lawyers say; DA vows to continue Duke

Daddy never saw much wrong with illegal bombing campaigns, not to mention his history with Sy Hersh, but I think he might have reservations about this.

Military Fantasies on Iran

Friday, April 07, 2006

Checkers Who?

My late great father, Richard Milhous Nixon, had a rather famous dog. Checkers was his name. He was a gift to Poppa while he was serving as Vice President in the Eisenhower administration. Checkers has gone down in history. See, Poppa referred to him in what could be called his first, great political comeback speech. Folks were down on Poppa. It appeared as though he'd taken a few extra dollars in campaign contributions. [Nothing even close what Joe Kennedy did to us in '60] Poppa went on TV, which wasn't too common for the Vice President, or anyone for that matter, to do at the time. He told everybody that he was a clean living, frugal man and he did nothing wrong. He told the world the one gift he took from donors was Checkers and he wasn't giving him back. I've loathed Checkers ever since.

I got the last laugh though. Checkers bit the bullet shortly after Poppa lost the 1962 California election. And after Poppa beat Humphrey in '68 and with Checkers buried out back in Yorba Linda, I made the trip to DC. So Checkers is famous, but I got live in the White House, fly on Air Force One, and piss on Kissinger's leg.

I'm King Timahoe - the only first dog ever to resign.